About Us:

Founded in 2006, O-Ray Pharma, Inc. specializes in the application of innovative drug delivery systems to the ear. Founding clinicians/researchers Dr. William Slattery and Dr. Thomas Smith recognized their complementary experience and expertise afforded them a unique partnership through which patented technology might serve to impact medicinal optimization.

O-Ray has fashioned a novel approach to extended release drug delivery with implications for the treatment of a whole host of hearing disorders. This technology platform already at work in other disciplines has lead to products approved by the NDA process of the FDA. O-Ray has an extensive library of patent rights to a variety of technologies, all the while continuing to build upon a foundation of preliminary data for proof of concept. O-Ray’s primary objective is to develop and test the use of these platforms in a range of drug classes. Our goal then is to subsequently license the technology to key partners through which continued trials and commercialization will be achieved.

Regulatory Experience

Drs Slattery and Smith have extensive experience with the FDA.  Dr. Slattery, previously serving as a consultant for other otologic device manufacturers, has experience with FDA device development including NDA development and FDA meetings. Dr. Slattery has served as the PI or Co-PI on Phase I, II, and III FDA registration trials. Dr. Smith has developed a positive relationship with the FDA over the years obtaining approval for two products currently on the market. It has been our policy to consult early and often with the appropriate staff including frequent telephone conversations, letters and meetings in Washington. Dr. Smith, while at his previous company, CDS he was responsible for the initiation and allowance of 8 Investigator Sponsored INDs, 4 Phase I studies, 2 Phase II studies, 2 Phase III studies, and 1 NDA.

Business Experience

Dr. Smith, a board certified ophthalmologist had previously founded Control Delivery Systems (CDS) in 1990 in order to commercialize products developed in his academic laboratories at the University of Kentucky and at Harvard. In 1992 CDS completed a licensing deal with Chiron Corp. which led to the FDA approval of the Vitrasert® intraocular antiviral drug delivery system in 1996. Based on this technology, CDS subsequently entered agreements with Bausch & Lomb for the development of a drug delivery system for the treatment of intraocular inflammation. This led to the Retisert®, approved by the FDA in 2006. These devices are currently marketed worldwide by Bausch & Lomb and Novartis. In 2005 CDS merged with pSivida Inc (NASDAQ symbol PSDV), a publicly traded company. By 2001, when the company had grown to 90 employees, Dr. Smith left CDS to found Auritec Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Slattery’s involvement in early stage companies began in the late 1990s having been a co-founder of a medical service company that was later acquired with a successful exit. He continues to be involved as an active member of the Pasadena Angels; investing and assisting early stage companies.

Dr. Pierstorff joined O-Ray Pharma as COO in 2010. Previously, he co-founded Biotic Laboratories, Inc. (2008) where he acted as CTO and CEO. Biotic Laboratories was founded to develop polymer-based films for the localized delivery of toxic therapeutics. O-Ray has acquired Biotic’s assets.